Friday, December 17, 2010

Re: [MISP] Thank you New Mexico

all look like great points, Doug!

On 12/17/2010 9:42 PM, Doug Bocaz-Larson wrote:
***This is a MISP Listserv message. Responses are sent to the list by default.*** ***For more info about MISP and the listserv, scroll to the bottom of the page*** *  We had a couple of great meetings the last two days and it is wonderful to see so much support for the industry.  Not just film, but computing, technology and even video games.  A couple key issues jumped out at me:  1) The industry is one of the fasting growing in our state, if not the only one showing growth over the last eight years.   Even though New Mexico is one of the top film producing states we only have 2% of that market.  Imagine how much more we could grow.  2) Incentives need to include the video game industry which is much bigger than the film industry world wide.  3) Smaller New Mexico based productions/companies needs to be given additional incentives/support - these are the future and what will sustain us  4) While I agree that we need to unite and be heard by our state government, we also need to reach out to the tax payers.  THANK YOU NEW MEXICO! is what we need to say.  We need to thank the people for supporting the industry.   Intel is an example of a company that reaches out to their community, helps the schools and gets involved with the people.  We need to show regular people, not just our state government, that the industry is here to stay and wants to make everyone a part of it.  Get a celebrity on a billboard with a local New Mexican who has benefited from an industry job and say THANK YOU NEW MEXICO!   Make it more than business or politics.  Make it part of who we are in New Mexico.  We are storytellers for the world.  Sorry... just had to rant.  It was a good couple of days.  Thanks everyone.  Keep up the good work.  We appreciate all the film industry does for us.  See ya, Doug Bocaz-Larson 

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