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Re: [MISP] Strange fact

Actually Jim, Pixar (I believe) did a Hamster Super Hero movie in 3 D a year or so ago.  I saw it but can't remember the name. Not to discourage anyone. 

Elizabeth Baker
On Dec 7, 2010, at 8:35 AM, Jim Terr wrote:

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For all the popularity of hamsters (8 million+ Google citations!), no one has ever done a movie called THE HAMSTERS *

I have owned these domain names for years: www.HamstersMovie.com   www.HamstersFilm.com

Anyone interested in pursuing this? Congratulations to New Visions award winners, by the way!

Introducing - Announcing - Coming Soon:

Hamsters save Kia

Beaver saves Mel

The Hamsters: Saving BuDDy ®
A movie about real redemption ™

...and, Man, does BuDDy ever need saving!

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  1. "Hamtaro" (2002) (TV series)
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aka "Trotting Hamtaro" - International (English title) (informal literal title)
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  3. Furry Hamsters from Hell (2007)
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  1. The Hamster Cage (2005)
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  2. The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys (1997) (V)
aka "The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve Monkeys"
3."Hamster in a Nightshirt"  (1987) (TV series)
aka "Krecek v nocní kosili" - West Germany (original title)
aka "Hamster im Nachthemd" - Germany
4.Second-Hand Hearts (1981)
aka "The Hamster of Happiness" - USA (pre-release title)
5."Bounty Hamster" (2003) (TV series)
aka "Bounty Hamster"
6.Hamster PSA (1997)
aka "Hamster PSA"
7.Harry the Hamster (2004)
a ka "Harry the Hamster"
8.Krecek (1946)
aka "Le hamster" - France
9.Poor Little Hampsters (2003)
aka "Siroti mali hrcki 2010" - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (original title)
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aka "Poor Little Hampsters 2010" - USA (informal English title)
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