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Re: [MISP] NM Film Incentive visual

Along these marketing lines and since we are talking about "buying local."

Is there anyway we could perhaps get some bumper stickers made up?

Something like:

      New Mexico Film Industry

The stickers should be generic with no reference to a company, union or private entity.  Black with white lettering, vinyl (no paper stickers so they will last).  Not only can these go on your vehicle, but they could be given out to the legislature, or used as your calling card, etc...

This might help that bag of money the Productions leave with and make it a bit heaver and help all these small businesses that have sprung up here around the film industry.  Productions eat those expenses that are not bought here.  Most of the time this is because they have done business with a distance company for years and they can't find what they are looking for here in NM.  These are the departments like: set deck, wardrobe/costume, hair and makeup, FX, props and construction.  I'm sure Accounting tells their Dept. Heads to buy locally, but like I stated above they have done business with these out of state companies for years.  And, they are not just spending money in CA - I have seen checks to: IL, CT, GA, FL, TX, CO, AZ, WA and even as far away as Puerto Rico (it was a special tile and color they needed).

Or, if someone has a better slogan... please speak up.  There are some very creative people on this list serv! 

All The Best!
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Subject: Re: [MISP] NM Film Incentive visual

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Great Brent we will be sure to keep you up to date. I don't know if you and Judy know each other? but she will be ramrodding this thing and am sure she will email you as well.


Judy, just in case you don't know Brent and his project, he is making a documentary on the impact the tax incentives have on the state and about the film industry. He has posted some clips which I think are very good and has interviews with some great folks including Lisa Strout, Eric Witt and Jeff Bridges.



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I applaud your initiative.  We've been contemplating doing a similar short animation/graphics approach to explaining the incentive for the NM Film Doc but would GREATLY welcome your efforts to make this happen and perhaps we could use it as part of our documentary, which is now just about complete in terms of acquisition and headed into editorial.  We have numerous on-camera testimonials/perspectives of what the rebate represents but agree ... to make it simple, succinct and visual is the way to impact a larger audience.  Data would need to include not just tax returned to state but economic impact... and I know from other threads that there is much disagreement on what "economic impact" truly represents.  I think a few different graphics - animated charts, timelines, etc. would serve to explain the conflicting data better than talking heads.


Seeing some of the flash animations done in a gaming workshop demo at NMSU last week, I spoke with some folks down there (Derek Fisher, LaMaia Vaughn) that might be able to get some animation students to help work on this as well.


Keep me in your loop please, thank you.


Brent Morris


"Made in New Mexico" - the NM Film Industry Documentary




On Dec 9, 2010, at 10:41 AM, Dirk Norris wrote:

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Ok so I want to kick start this thing and get going with it. We recognize that the development of some sort of visual explanation of the New Mexico Film Tax Incentive and how it works would be beneficial to the agencies who promote it as well as to those who take advantage of it in the industry.  I think this needs to be a collaborative effort and done out a sense of civic contribution.


I believe this project should explain the mechanics of how the incentives work rather than try to convince anyone of how beneficial they are. I do not think this should be propaganda. I have emailed the state film office and Jon Hendry for their input.


Judy Anderson who is on this list has agreed to head up this project and to script it. We need help. If you are interested in participating, please email Judy at

 We will need to decide what type of visual this is, how simple or detailed it should be, who the audience will be and who the presenters will be. I think we need to look at the effort to keep the film incentives as a long term endeavor and this project should be forward looking.


Thanks for your participation

Dirk Norris

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