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Re: [MISP] Film Non-Profits

Hi Doug,

It's good to know that you're interested to develop some collaborative projects with non profits.

I've been developing my visionary multi-media business for more than 25 years.
My ten-year residence in Santa Fe, New Mexico has offered the space and opportunity to bring my Work into fruition.  

I am Founder/Director of  CIRCLE ONE VISIONARY MULTI-MEDIA CENTER (Dba "Circle One Center")—An Eleven-Dome Media Eco-Complex and Metaphysical Think Tank©, Promoting "Global Unity Through Peaceful Media."   Circle One Center is dedicated to co-create, develop, produce, distribute, promote and premiere films, videos, TV productions, documentaries and special events "that inspire, transform and uplift the heart and soul of humanity."©. Circle One Center received its 501©(3) Approval Letter from the IRS on June 4, 2010, and it's Certificate of Incorporation from the Office of the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 25, 2009. 

We are unique in that we combine the spiritual aspect with multi-media production.

Our current Board of Directors are a motivated, educated and consciously intelligent team, and we are open to participate and partner with other non-profits in the New Mexico Community with several relevant projects that might be of interest.

Thank you!
Kasandra Clemente
Circle One Center
P.O. Box 2691 - Santa Fe, NM 87504
505-982-8001 - 505-930-0467 (Cell)
On Dec 19, 2010, at 8:21 PM, Doug Bocaz-Larson wrote:

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I was doing some research in to film related non-profits in New Mexico.  I
would like to develop some projects that need non-profit partners so I was
curious who was out there.  I think it is important to be involved in one
or more of these organizations to show your support for the industry as
well as for networking opportunities.

There is which recently formed and is
working on their non-profit status as we speak I believe.

New Mexico Women in Film We've had several wonderful
guest speakers from this organization at our college.

Friends of Film

I'd love to hear what other non-profits you know about in our state.

Many thanks,
Doug Bocaz-Larson
Program Manager: Computer Science and Creative Media
New Mexico State University - Grants
1500 3rd St.
Grants, NM 87020
505-287-6656 office
505-290-1331 cell

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