Monday, December 13, 2010

Re: [MISP] FCP & Compressor

In Final Cut, if you do "Export / Quicktime / "Setting: Current Settings" it will not re-compress anything on your
timeline that has already been rendered.   There are some cases where "unlimited RT" will not render your
timeline until absolutely necessary (such as exporting), but if you use a high quality codec for the timeline
(such as ProRes 422 or 444 HQ) then you'll be fine.  I always set ProRes as the codec on my timeline and 
export clips in that format as my master copy before sending anything to compressor anyway.


On Dec 13, 2010, at 3:31 PM, Michael Turri wrote:

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Is anyone else out there having this issue with FCP. Whenever I got to export  out of FCP, I use EXPORT USING COMPRESSOR.  I get it all set up and start the process only to have FCP crash during the process. It is happening more often than not lately. I use to be able to at least do a short  export, but today, not so much. So then what I do is just use export using QUICKTIME MOVIE and then take that into Compressor and all works well. It is just an extra step of compression that I was trying to avoid. Thanks for any input. 

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