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Re: [MISP] Digital Media in NM - Coming into its own?

And I would like to add to Eric's fine list- 

New Mexico will be hosting ISEA2012  "Machine Wilderness", a symposium with many attendant events and exhibitions.

Landing ISEA2012 is a stunning coup by Andrea Polli.  Suzanne Sbarge at 516 Arts is the Executive Producer and Polli is the Artistic Director.

We will be able to start artist/scientist collaboration programs that will continue past the conference, leading to workshops that train teachers in STEM practices, while, at the same time–– invigorating research practice with different creative points of view. 

Here is another chance for NM to shine on an international platform, hosting a strongly digital media symposium that has been in existence for 35 years and has the following to match.  

Please stay tuned........


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On Dec 7, 2010, at 1:53 PM, Eric Renz-Whitmore wrote:

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Hi again...

This past week -- and the upcoming week -- seem to signal we've reached a tipping point for Digital Media here in New Mexico. And not a moment too soon. :)

Last Thursday we saw not only the official opening of UNM's IFDM/ARTS Lab facilities at the Mesa Del Sol aperture center, but also an array of involved students, faculty and staff from various programs and disciplines working together on projects that, like the immersive game space from the PFI team, are really pushing the boundaries of media development. 

On Friday and Saturday the Las Cruces area saw both the 4th annual High Tech Consortium Digital media summit and a great tour of the Creative Media Institute's still growing capabilities (Dub stage, 12-camera Vicon motion capture system, motion control camera rig -- and classes for each? Check, Check, Check, Check!).  That and solid discussions on how to collaborate in leveraging local assets made for a valuable day. 

But things weren't over. The Saturday sessions for Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH from the Dona Ana Community College Center for Media Technologies were among the best anywhere w/ local graduate and Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith and high end sessions from industry partners on tap as well.

The spirit of collaboration evident in all these places extends to the several groups working to promote personal and business growth in the digital media space. In addition to SIGGRAPH, the local International Game Developers Association (IGDA) chapter, fairly new New Mexico Post Alliance and my own organization are all member-driven associations ramping up their activities and involvement with a common goal to build our capabilities throughout the state.

In addition to these, we also have groups like the NM Computing Application Center, NMedia, and the MPA-NM (and more?) providing infrastructure, expertise and the capability of sending a coherent message to legislators, stakeholders and potential customers alike regarding the value and opportunity media production in New Mexico represents. 

With changes in our government and economy, it's natural that we all have some concerns.  


Eric Renz-Whitmore
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