Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[MISP] (X)TREE USA: Call for Tweets

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(Another) Cool project from STEM+ARTS:

Participate in (x)tree:

The virtual global algorithmic tree

We are united globally and virtually 


Let's show the value of the internet as a symbol of peace and universal humanity

Tweet the word #(x)tree and become a branch in the virtual global tree!

(x)tree is a virtual tree  formed by tweets from around the world.

Harwood Museum, Taos, Nuevo Mexico

We will present the (x)tree at the Harwood Museum for the first Cuban Festival January 14 and 15, 2011.

We are reaching out to Cuban bloggers for tweets directly from Cuba and from around the world.

Tweet Now! #(x)tree and be part of this ArtScience experiment.

For more please contact:
Agnes Chavez


How does it work?

The (x)tree algorithm, written by programmer, Jared Tarbell, will find your tweet and every tweet is converted into a branch in the tree.

The (x)tree will reside on a website where you can search your name and find your branch in the tree.

Every city and country will be represented by different colors so that we can see the countries participating in the (x)tree.


Eric Renz-Whitmore
twitter: @ewhitmore
cell:     505-227-1086

Executive Director, NM Technology Council
"Growing Tech Business in New Mexico"
twitter: @nmtechcouncil
office:  (505) 903-6884

LEAVING THE LIST /LIST INFO: To leave the list, please email us at: artslab@unm.edu For other list info, please visit: http://groups.google.com/group/nm-media-industries/web/media-industries-list-info

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