Wednesday, December 1, 2010

[MISP] NM Film Program

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I think that the discussion on MISP concerning the NM Tax Incentive
Program and NM Loan Program (recent studies, points of view, proposals,
comments) is very important.

I would encourage everyone to make certain that their factual
information is correct and to use your voice to support the current writing your local political representative (or all of
them), letters to the editors of newspapers and generally discussing the
advantages of the NM programs with everyone you encounter. The programs,
as they currently exist, are now going to be in the hands of a new
political entity (governor, legislature and staff). Seems important to
support what currently exists so we at least have the opportunity to
amend, re-focus, re-evaluate, and revise the current legislation to make
it stronger and even more beneficial for our state. Our voices must be
correct, courteous and firm.

Alton Walpole

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