Thursday, December 9, 2010

[MISP] NM Film Incentive visual

Ok so I want to kick start this thing and get going with it. We recognize that the development of some sort of visual explanation of the New Mexico Film Tax Incentive and how it works would be beneficial to the agencies who promote it as well as to those who take advantage of it in the industry.  I think this needs to be a collaborative effort and done out a sense of civic contribution.


I believe this project should explain the mechanics of how the incentives work rather than try to convince anyone of how beneficial they are. I do not think this should be propaganda. I have emailed the state film office and Jon Hendry for their input.


Judy Anderson who is on this list has agreed to head up this project and to script it. We need help. If you are interested in participating, please email Judy at


We will need to decide what type of visual this is, how simple or detailed it should be, who the audience will be and who the presenters will be. I think we need to look at the effort to keep the film incentives as a long term endeavor and this project should be forward looking.


Thanks for your participation

Dirk Norris

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