Saturday, December 4, 2010

[MISP] Appointment of Jon Barela

The appointment of Jon Barela to head  Economic Development, the department the Film Office is under, should be seen as a positive for the film (media) industry's future in New Mexico. First, Barela is pro small and independent business development and is well aware of the pros and cons of the incentives. He comes from the high tech industry, more specific digital and computing. The following from the Santa Fe New Mexiccan:

Barela's company Cerelink provides "cloud computing" services for the movie industry. The company's clients include Dreamworks. Cerelink's website promotes the state's film-industry incentives. 

"Cerelink is based in New Mexico, which affords our customers — especially in digital media — several cost savings: cheaper power and data center space, access to competitively priced ultra fast broadband networks and a 25% cash-back rebate on all motion picture production (including rendering) done in New Mexico," the site says. 

The Governor elect has promised that economic development would be a priority and by making this appointment, so quickly, it is clear what the priorities of the new administration are - economic development. It is time for small and independent media businesses along with the unions to work to develop a new five year plan for the future of the Media industry in New Mexico, first step is a critical review of current programs and incentives. The stake holders must be included in the review process - small and independent businesses. We most not forget who will hire and mentor the graduates of the media programs that our educational programs are producing. We need to stop the brain drain. 

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