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Re: [MISP] Digital Media in Las Cruces (12/3-4)

Had a crazy idea... how about we partner to host a "very informal" holiday mixer for all of the SEO/Social media groups?

Albuquerque Area Internet Professionals


Albuquerque SEO Meetup Group


Albuquerque Social Media for Business


Albuquerque WebGeeks


New Mexico Computer Society – Multimedia Users Group (MMUG)


New Mexico Technology Council



Social Media for Professionals


Tweet Ups


YouTube Albuquerque


Webuquerque - New Mexico Adobe User Group for Webb Practitioners

I can call all their leaders to see if they would be interested, can get students to sign everyone in, and we'd need to pick a place, etc.  What do you think?  Stacy
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Hi everyone...
I hope you're all doing well -- and hope things are looking up for the holiday this week.
I'm not sure if this posted over to the events list, but it seems like a good occasion to highlight our need to work with the whole of the state as we try to continue growing an industry that really makes sense for New Mexico. Some of the comments made during this weekend's selection of our legislative leadership served as a reminder that the apparent disconnection between the north and the south may continue to weaken our efforts.
And that's one reason why this is an *especially* good time for those of us in the north, etc. to visit and participate.  Another reason is... there are some especially cool and interesting things going on at DACC, NMSU and the region. And these are some great events.
Please check out the info on the events below -- and hope to see you there!

Las Cruces will see back-to-back digital media events the weekend of December 3rd as the High Tech Consortium of Southern New Mexico holds its 4th annual Digital Media Summit on Friday December 3rd, followed by New Mexico's "Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH" Chapter and their "Winter in Las Cruces" event on December 4th.

There's a great deal of exciting activity going on in the southern part of the state -- and this is a great opportunity for us all to meet each other and get involved.

The HTC presents its 4th annual Digital Media Summit in conjunction with the NMSU Creative Media Institute (CMI) showcase of projects and media facilities on Friday, December 3, 2010 at CMI.

This year, we are very excited about holding the Summit at the Creative Media Institute on the NMSU campus. This allows us to conduct our discussions in the environment where digital media products are created and produced. Discussions will revolve around taking stock of current resources, identifying opportunities, and setting goals for digital media work in southern New Mexico. Six workshop sessions will focus on animation, gaming, entertainment, production management, marketing & visibility and recording, mixing & editing. Demonstrations will include CMI's motion capture facility, the only THX multi-soundtrack mixing stage in New Mexico, and motion control techniques. There will also be a showcase of faculty and student projects. The event will be followed by a reception at the Sonoma Ranch Sunset Grill for Summit participants, HTC members and friends.
We welcome members of SIGGRAPH who will participate in the Summit and attend the Rio Grande SIGGRAPH Chapter semi-annual membership meeting at the Dona Ana Community College – East Mesa campus on Saturday, December 4, 2010.
For more information contact Richard Majestic, 521-0018. Also visit:

Hosted by Creative Media Technology at the Doña Ana Community College
Saturday, December 4th @ 11:00am
Come down to Las Cruces for a great opportunity to have fun and network face-to-face with other folks you usually see on a video screen.

Join us for our special December face to face event to learn more about the Rio Grande ACM/SIGGRAPH and a special address from industry pioneer Alvy Ray Smith.

Be sure to come down the day before for the Creative Media Institute presentations and Digital Media Summit and some pre-holiday cheer at the Sunset Grill social mixer!

More information and registration at:

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