Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[MISP] Nov 21: 101 ways to make a funny film

Friends of Film,Video and Arts Monthly Events

 NEXT Friends of Film, Video and Arts gathering

WHEN: Sunday November 21, 2010  3pm-5:30pm (includes social time, screenings and program) 

WHAT: "101 Ways to make a funny film, or how to make a film funny; from script to edit." 

What are some tips for writing a funny script? How can something funny on paper not always translate to the screen? How do you direct for funny? Act? What can an editor do to make a film funnier? To get us going, we've invited filmmakers who have made us laugh, including Jessi Badami and Randy Nargi of Bogwood Films, and Matt Page of RiffRaff New Media. Plus lots of fun participation encouraged from everyone in the room. 

WHERE: Harwood Art Center, Basement Theater,  1114 Seventh NW St at Mountain,  ABQ ( if lost 321-6806)

HOW: Free to members/Guests $10 at the door

Contact: friends@filmvideoarts.org     

Friends of Film,Video and Arts is a non-profit organization (under Harwood Art Center) made up of independent filmmakers 
working together to make quality films, 
provide educational opportunities and experience, develop trade relationships, 
and support a healthy film industry in New Mexico.

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