Friday, November 12, 2010

[MISP] Immersive Generative Art: Dr Woohoo at SFComplex tonight at 7p!

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From the SF Complex Discuss list:

The Immersives / Dr. Woohoo @ the Santa Fe Complex
One Night Only!
Friday, November 12, 2010
The Santa Fe Complex is located within walking distance of the last stop (Santa Fe Depot) for the Railrunner in Santa Fe.Railrunner schedule (arrives @ the Santa Fe Depot @ 6:00, 7:05pm and 8:12pm and leaves @ 6:26, 8:20 and 9:30pm)

Immersive Art + Architecture + Machine Vision
What happens when you combine art + architecture together with machine vision? Can an immersive experience be ethereal on the one hand, but a little ominous on the other? For his latest installation, Dr. Woohoo has created a reactive conceptual space that defies the laws of gravity, embraces the impossible in terms of how a building can be sculpted that includes a cast of surprises.

About The Immersives
The Immersives seamlessly merge art + design + architecture + technology together to create immersive experiences for art,museum and commercial installations.

As the lead of a technologically innovative consortium of New Mexico based small businesses, The Immersives proposal for anEnhanced Machine Vision Project has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2011 New Mexico Small Business Assistance Leveraged Program. Working closely with Sandia National Laboratories Augmented Reality and Computer Vision Labs, The Immersives will be working with: Venture Realty Group; Lumenscapes for Dome integration; Unterseher Holography Consulting for Holography integration; and Klein AI for Artificial Intelligence integration.

The installation at the Santa Fe Complex will be a sneak peak of an early proto-type hinting at what is possible when you combine Art + Architecture + Machine Vision together.

About the Santa Fe Complex
The Santa Fe Complex draws on the creativity of scientists, technologists, and artists to solve complex problems to meet business, government, and social needs. Combining expertise across disciplines, the Complex has helped the City of Santa Fe model escape routes for its citizens in the event of forest fires, the city of Venice plan canal traffic to minimize the wakes that damage the city's architecture, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health identify the movement of troubled youths through their social services network.

The mission of the Complex is to create a collaborative workspace that fosters applied complexity science through interdisciplinary education, outreach, and development of innovative technologies to address real-world problems, enable social cooperation, and create economic opportunities.

The Complex is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a renowned center of research in complexity science, an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems. Santa Fe has also long been famous as a center for the traditional arts and is now becoming a hotbed of innovative forms of artistic expression resulting from the crossover between art and technology.

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