Thursday, October 7, 2010

Re: [MISP] Now does this sound familiar

Sounds familiar but not the same, Ken.  NM still has the best incentive programs going.  Michigan's ramp up is still trying to figure it out while NM already has a highly professional crew base and an infrastructure that can service a number of films and TV shows simultaniously.  Recent studies in California and other states clearly indicate that there is a roll over effect from money production companies spent within our borders.  The only question remains "How many times does it roll over."  Anywhere from 3 to 7 times depending on the study.  So let's be proud and promote what our legislators, the Film Office, and our professionals have done and make it better.  Michigan doesn't come close.

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Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 12:45:33 -0600
Subject: [MISP] Now does this sound familiar

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Michigan film incentives: Report stirs more debate
Taxpayers give out more than they get, Senate agency says

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