Thursday, October 21, 2010

[MISP] please help us keep our film industry! thank you

IATSE Local 480
Oct. 20, 2010

Hey Filmmakers! 

Stop what you're doing, click this link and vote.  Then, forward this to as many people as you can.

Tax Breaks Bring Film To New Mexico (KOAT) includes a place to vote for or against continuing tax incentives and concludes with Susana Martinez' response during the recent debate: "It's a 25 percent tax credit. Do you get any of those tax credits? Does your small business get any of those tax credits at 25 percent? I think we have to be sure that it's good for New Mexicans, and that's the problem with the shell games that have taken place. With the shell games in New Mexico, we can't trust what's being said."


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