Friday, October 8, 2010

[MISP] Malice In Wonderland, screening Saturday 5pm at The Guild

WHAT: Malice in Wonderland, the movie screening, Public Premiere as part of Closet Cinema Film Festival Oct 8-14
When: Sat 5pm October 9, 2010
Where: The Guild, on Central Ave, ABQ

Malice in Wonderland  the movie, is a labor of love, that started production in January 2010 as a 2 week shoot,  mostly volunteer, with "some editing". Months later and 1000's of hours of editing and working with producing a feature movie on greenscreen, Saturday 5pm is the Public Premiere. 

Many Friends of Film, Video and Arts talented members rolled up their sleeves to assist Director Russell Maynor produce a movie from a Dolls production play. Fritz Eberle said sure I'll do camera, and help edit. Sharon Brown is one of the producers. Christina Bouajila started doing hand drawn art for the greenscreen, then Russell mentored her through new graphic art programs as background needs got more elaborate. Nina Knapp has been working on Deliverables, Sue Lucas has been shooting "the making of Malice, "... and as I witnessed this Huge endeavor, it really is the professional and quality standards that has kept the post-production efforts moving moving moving. 

And now is your chance to support passion, talent, cooperation, and your local filmmakers who will make films regardless of incentives or credits, or even time to sleep. (Now can you guys sleep? )

can you spread the word that "Malice in Wonderland" got accepted into the Closet Cinema Fest!
. It's been hailed in the press (ABQ Journal) as "incredibly ambitious" and "an event not to be missed" !

When: Sat 5pm October 9, 2010
Where: The Guild, on Central Ave, ABQ


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