Friday, October 8, 2010

[MISP] Discussion

Hi, All,
I'm glad this discussion is going on now.  It gives everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion.  November and December will be crucial to how appointments are made and what support the new Governor gives to the media programs.  However, this being the election season, it's a good time to voice your thoughts to the candidates as the traverse the state in search of votes.  I applaud what Governor Richardson has done with his staff and appointees.  But we must move on.  Both candidate seem willing to listen on this issue. Talk to them.  Being the perpetual optimist, I feel strongly we can create a win-win situation.  I don't feel we are less competitive today.
We are certainly doing better today than in 2002.  Can any rational individual say that the programs are a failure? 
The mainstream media is clear on the need for more audience engaging product.  Particularly in the niche markets.  The media is also changing its business models to include more independents.  Technology is making it more economically viable to make competitive product at reasonable cost.  Check out Cinnafilm.  Thinking out of the box on many levels may be necessary to continue expanding the media programs currently in place.  My sense is that we all would be well served to get the facts straight and present them in a positive fashion to the decision makers that are about to emerge.  The facts are on our side.  New Mexico has advanced remarkably in the last 8 years, thanks to a lot of folks that worked hard to get us here.  We should not walk around with a cloud over our heads, let's stand tall and make a solid effort to make things better.  I know there are many effective leaders in our state that are behind us.  Let's recruit them to sing our song.  It is really more up to us, the film and other media communities,  than any one else.  I remember Shannon Robinson and Ben Lujan showing extraordinary leadership in presenting and sheparding the programs through the legislature under a governor that was not that hot on the ideas.  They took root under Governor Richardson.   I can actually see a better day ahead of us. But only if we are willing to nurture and support our next Governor in moving them forward.
Have a great weekend!

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