Thursday, September 23, 2010

[MISP] FW: New Archaeology Show in New Mexico


If any of you are interested in Archaeology or have patrons that you work with that have interesting stories, discoveries or sites, please feel free to contact the person who sent this email regarding the Archaeology Show. It would be great if they came to NM and did a story!

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Leanne Hathcock

Aztec Public Library Director

319 S. Ash St.

Aztec, NM  87410

505.334.7658 V

505.360.9513 C


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From: Archaeology Show []
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 11:01 AM
To: Leanne Hathcock
Subject: New Archaeology Show in New Mexico



Dear Leanne,


My name is Jamie Bennett and I work for an Emmy award-winning television production company that produces programming for networks such as PBS, Discovery, History Channel, National Geographic, A&E and many others. 


We are producing a new non-fiction television series about archaeological discoveries across America. Our show is hosted by a professional/academic archaeologist and anthropologist who will meet with individuals who believe they've found objects or sites of historical, cultural or scientific importance. These scholars, both professors at major universities, will help participants and viewers better understand the significance of these discoveries, as well as the correct and ethical ways to approach potential sites and artifacts.  We are really excited to bring our series to New Mexico - and we need your help!


We are interested in hearing from local libraries who have been contacted by lay members of the public about interesting discoveries or sites.  If you or your colleagues are working with these individuals to investigate their claims, we would be interested in possibly filming this process, and having you discuss it with our archaeologist and anthropologist on camera. As this show is about archaeological and anthropological science, we are not interested in talking to individuals who have obtained artifacts illegally or those who have been involved in the intentional looting or destruction of archaeological sites.


Alternatively, please feel free to refer individuals with discoveries directly to our website for more information about the series and how to contact us.


In addition, we would also like to hear from members of the scientific community who have themselves recently made interesting and unusual discoveries.


I would be very appreciative if you could circulate this information through your contacts and suggest people we could speak to.


We would like to receive replies as soon as possible as we are filming this fall, and we're on the lookout for as many engaging people, discoveries and stories as we can find.


Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.




Jamie Bennett

Development Researcher





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