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Re: [MISP] wmv export

Mark--you should send your rant to Wired Magazine! That is a great take on the frustration of this biz. The corporate dudes make their crap to hold onto their corner of the market where as we "little guys" who hash it out every day trying to make a living, resort to martinis for breakfast to cope with the frustration of incompatibility and have to throw $$ at problems to get a fix. Thanks for the input. I just upgraded to Flip4Mac pro or whatever so I can make my client's presentation work. 

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I'll just put this out there.  MS, Apple, Adobe, Google and their ilk would rather destroy the world than cooperate, so if you're trying to make a decent wmv file from a Mac, you'll have just as much success as you would trying to make a decent Quicktime mov from a Windows machine.  Quicktime doesn't offload the heavy lifting to the graphics chip on a windows platform, just as Flash doesn't do the same on a Mac.  MS and Apple are agreeing on H.264, because it's better?  Well no, they are quaking in their boots about Google's video, which uses a superior codec Onvp 8, which will be commonly known as Web/M.  Google appears to have learned well from the veteran jerks and they are acting accordingly.
Rest assured that all these companies are working overtime to insure that someone, somewhere, will have a lousy user experience.  Shame on them all and their pissing wars.  Michael, for example is just trying to do a good job, and instead he's wasting his valuable time because of this petty battle that has been raging since circa '94.  It just makes me so mad, because it hurts everyone, except the billionaire liars who run these companies.  I've been dealing with this for 16 years, trying to ensure that students & faculty can have a decent web video experience, and have had to change codecs and delivery methods many times for no reason other than these wars. The latest is Steve Jobs comparing Flash, (a development platform), with H.264, (a video codec!).  It has been well documented that Flash runs slow on certain Apple products because Apple has engineered it that way, just like MS has kept powerpoint from accepting anything but wmv.  They all point fingers and lie, and we all suffer.
So I put this out to this fine list believe it or not, to have a positive impact.  If you know that these systems are designed to NOT WORK together, it gives you a better chance of saving time & money.
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