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Re: [MISP] 3D filmmaking's potential

I am sorry

I said the studio would be at ENMU Ruidoso. I meant it will be at ENU Roswell



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I am putting together a summary of the Film Lincoln County Symposium and will post here and on our website as soon as possible. As far as the 3D efforts at ENMU-Roswell (not NMSU) if you were asking about Alan Trever’s presentation I can give you a little info that he just passed along to me.


They are building a fully functional 3D stereoscopic production studio at ENMU Ruidoso. It will include 2 complete stereoscopic rigs. They will be using the full suite of IRIDAS. Dualstream software as well as Cineform’s NEO3D software .  The system will have realtime 3d editing abilites so students will be able to see 3d as they cut. Alan anticipates having the system up and running some time in October. The funding for this came from the Governor’s allocation of $385,000 to 3 universities in the state. See this:


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Eric, will there be proceedings from the Symposium published?  And/or, can someone from NMSU point us to more info on the 3D pipeline?


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One of the exciting things I hadn't heard about until last Thursday's Lincoln County Film Symposium is the exciting work on a stereographic 3D pipeline that Alan Trever and the gang at ENMU-Roswell and their FTTP program are doing. (And that was just part of the good news.)


Alan's always been an early adopter of "digital cinema" technologies and I can't wait to see what their students - and other movie-makers throughout the state - do when they get their hands on these tools.


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