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Re: [MISP] 3D filmmaking's potential

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Picking up on the "Dial M for Murder" comment - there were a lot of films from the 50's that were shot in 3D but only ever projected in 2D.  Often, if a movie met with initial success at the box office, the left and right reels were separated to service twice as many screens and, therefore, generate more profits for the studios.

Here is a list of some old features from the recent Classic 3D film fest in NYC.


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Given that a number of people on this list are interested in stereo 3D film production, I thought I'd share a thoughtful article from

The key point, I think, is contained in this quote:

"The post-"Avatar" common wisdom about 3-D goes something like this: Digital 3-D makes sense for spectacle-driven, big-budget films of a certain type (action pictures, science fiction and fantasy epics, 3-D animated films aimed at young children and their parents), and not for other kinds of motion pictures. But let's say it one more time for emphasis: That statement has never been tested, at least not in a sustained, purposeful way. Who knows what splendors might arise if it were?"

Looking at Wikipedia's list of current & upcoming 3D films ( ), the most "adventurous" it terms of breaking the 3D mold might be Steven Soderbergh's Contagion  ( ), but even that is described as an "action thriller."  Looking at the "olden" days of red/blue 3D, the plethora of Westerns spring to mind as rather unusual compared to today, although I suppose most of those were the blockbuster action movies of the day.  Eric Renz-Whitmore mentioned Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder", which I had no idea was in 3d, and would love to see a restored version uses current 3d display technology. 

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