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[MISP] Fwd: HTC report on the ISPCS by Judy McShannon

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Further development of the spaceport should be a huge deal for New
Mexico; another area where leaders in tech and elsewhere see NM as a
forward-thinking state.

If you have a chance, please check this out!


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** REMINDER  --  HTC MEETING NOTICE this Friday August 20th **

 Judy McShannon will present for the HTC a report on the International
Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), the ISPCS
Public Forum, and the Student Launch Program.

·        International Symposium for Personal and Commercial
Spaceflight (ISPCS) - held at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum
October 20-21.  The purpose of the symposium is to bring together the
community involved in all aspects of personal and commercial
spaceflight to help grow the industry.  ISPCS continues to grow
because there is a need to bring companies and leaders together to
grow this industry. The symposium is the response to this need,
focusing on the salient technical, financial, and global topics
driving the commercial and personal spaceflight industry.

·        The ISPCS Public Forum is held at the Pan American Center on
October 19.  It is a free forum which will provide an update from
mayors, (Florida and local) about the space industry's effect on their

·        Student Launch Program -  this program prepares the technical
workforce to work for the space industry.  Students from across the
state build experiments and launch to space on a sounding rocket at
Spaceport America.  We've offered this program for the past two years.
This April we will launch two rockets with student experiments, one
with middle school students' experiments and another with high school,
community college, and university students' experiments.

Bio:  Judy McShannon is the Associate Director for New Mexico Space
Grant Consortium.  Space Grant provides scholarships, educational
programs, and research opportunities to develop the technical

The HTC Meeting, featuring Judy McShannon's Presentation will be
11:30AM, Friday August 20th 2010 at Sonoma Ranch Golf Club, Las Cruces
in the Sunset Grill. For more information contact Richard Majestic, (575) 521-0018.

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