Friday, August 6, 2010

[MISP] ANIMATION collaborator wanted


My sister, an elementary school teacher in Albuquerque, has a great road-tested script called “Rocky and His Friends”, a friendly talking rock explains the story of weathering and erosion. This is part of the NM curriculum, and possibly nationally as well. About 1,000 words, about 15 minutes, bilingual (English & Spanish).


She sees some commercial potential in developing it as an animation, and I offered to put out word for someone who might want to work with her to develop it on spec, for mutual fun and profit (hopefully).


If interested, please let me know, and please include a link to appropriate sample of your animation, if possible (I’m imagining that for rocks, a simple approach would rock). Thanks.  


      Jim Terr
           Santa Fe, New Mexico USA  505-989-9298
  "Over half-a-million YouTube views – but who’s counting?" 

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