Monday, August 30, 2010

[MISP] 3D filmmaking's potential

Given that a number of people on this list are interested in stereo 3D film production, I thought I'd share a thoughtful article from

The key point, I think, is contained in this quote:

"The post-"Avatar" common wisdom about 3-D goes something like this: Digital 3-D makes sense for spectacle-driven, big-budget films of a certain type (action pictures, science fiction and fantasy epics, 3-D animated films aimed at young children and their parents), and not for other kinds of motion pictures. But let's say it one more time for emphasis: That statement has never been tested, at least not in a sustained, purposeful way. Who knows what splendors might arise if it were?"

Looking at Wikipedia's list of current & upcoming 3D films ( ), the most "adventurous" it terms of breaking the 3D mold might be Steven Soderbergh's Contagion  ( ), but even that is described as an "action thriller."  Looking at the "olden" days of red/blue 3D, the plethora of Westerns spring to mind as rather unusual compared to today, although I suppose most of those were the blockbuster action movies of the day.  Eric Renz-Whitmore mentioned Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder", which I had no idea was in 3d, and would love to see a restored version uses current 3d display technology.  

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