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Re: [MISP] semi-personal update


I think you are so right on about this. And it needs to be approached from both the private sector as well as from the Governor’s office. I continue to believe that the media industry can be grown from within.


As a “newbie” on the scene, I am discovering just how many groups, organizations, and individuals have an interest in film and digital media in New Mexico. This is another opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation.

Dirk Norris


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Hi. All.
I want to pick up on something Lance mentions in his note.  His call for more participation in the community of media product creators is right on.  There are a number of changes taking place, or on the near horizon, that we need to attend to as a group.  The new elections will create enough of a shake up that we need to participate in lobbying not only to keep the incentives in place but to ask that a new media industries strategic plan be drafted to give the state a clear direction for growth.  A plan can be commisioned by the Governor's office or the legislature.  We need to have one with the input of all affected by the industries growth or demise.
Secondly, The industries are going through a dramatic sea change.  Many opportunities for NM to find specialized niches will arise.  The internet is maturing in the delivery of product that is creating a more level playing field.  The Film Office's independent filmnmakers' conference spelled out many of the emerging business models that are getting traction.  You don't need a major studio behind you anymore.  We might want to explore what resources we already have at hand that can help our NM based producers find their niche.  Maybe some collaborative strategic alliances can come out of such an exploration.
Thirdly, I sense a need for a group of media product producers to join force in a formal organization that is non-government, with the stated agenda of designing a path for growth and innovation in the media industries.  Any takers?
Best to all,

Frank Zuniga (505) 385-1073


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Subject: Re: [MISP] semi-personal update

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Sincerest thanks and kudos on behalf of myself and Cinnafilm for your honest, non-biased support and hard work over the years keeping this community informed and focused on new media and new technologies as they emerge.  I would remind everyone on this list that contributing your own time and energy to the greater good is always something that pays off in the end, and is something that is distinctly American that we must all embrace.  We should take a page from Eric’s book and find a local group, or technology organization(s), that contributes to driving these new technologies into New Mexico permanently and volunteer time to become involved and stand behind them.   As much as anyone on this list I know how hard it is to dedicate personal time and resources when I am stretched so thin I can see through myself, but without such causes and our dedication to them our business “soil” would remain dry and arid.  We must create what it is we seek through hard work, and if that is a sustainable media/film/post/gaming/web/etc work environment then it is up to all of us to take the torch, volunteer, and build up the memberships of the great organization we (and in many cases Eric and others from the MISP past) have started.  Otherwise Eric’s time and all of our time on this list would have been wasted, and that would simply be unacceptable.




Lance Maurer


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Hi folks...

I hope you're all doing well.

As several folks know, my last full day with UNM's ARTS Lab was yesterday; on Monday I start working as the Executive Director for the New Mexico Tech Council.  With that move, I'll no longer be the "moderator" of these lists.  I put that in quotes because they've only rarely needed any real moderation, and it's been a privilege to work with such a hard-working group, committed to doing good work and building the various parts of our film and media community.

For my part, I'll continue to be involved with several of the digital media groups, particularly the New Mexico Post Alliance (membership kickoff August 6th), Rio Grande IGDA (NM Game Jam in Albuquerque, Las Cruces & Santa Fe, August 13-15th) and Rio Grande SIGGRAPH (SIGGRAPH/Conference Recap, August 21) -- all of which are committed to building skills and opportunities for digital content creators statewide.

And things at ARTS Lab are going well too, particularly in the area of developing content, software and systems for fulldome and "immersive media".  Between Director Tim Castillo, Associate Director David Beining and the small but hardy team, I expect we'll be seeing a few more pieces of very exciting news in the months to come.

There's too many people to mention and thank though, and this might not be the right time anyway.  Perhaps more now and in the next several months than ever before, we face a direct challenge to the incentives at the core of New Mexico's film and media business -- and the educational programs at all levels that serve them.  I look forward to working with you all to strengthen what we have and continue to build ways for people throughout New Mexico to participate.

Meanwhile, should you have any questions regarding use of the list, etc., please contact

And thanks again,


Eric Renz-Whitmore
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Executive Director, NM Tech Council
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