Friday, July 30, 2010


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All of us at ARTS Lab want to express our deepest and
warmest thanks to Eric for what he has done to help the
Lab from concept, to script and staging, to some wonderful
productions during his wildly vibrant tenure. It's
impossible to appreciate any of it without his hands --
often magician-like hands, moving too quickly and away
from attention to be fully recognized.

We give thanks for all the meetings, events, projects and
people Eric has put together (inside the Lab, across
campus(es), within the community and industry.

Fortunate for all of us, his work in the name of a
creative and clean culture and economy for New Mexico
continues at New Mexico Tech Council (if you love him,
support them) and the myriad organizations he was
instrumental in launching.

This MISP-List will continue, though without Eric's lead,
we'll need the community to seed it with the sorts of
information Eric contently provided. And for everyone to
play nice. We're working through what Eric's departure
means to the Lab and how we balance the Big Loss against
the research-oriented (i.e. grant-winning) future we need
to survive in these challenging times.

Lastly and more personally, I want to recognize Eric's
role in our immersive media work; namely:
- DomeFest, our global fulldome festival has always been
enriched by Eric. (DF returns 09.2011).
- Tales of the Maya Skies, the NSF-funded film has a bunch
of Eric in it. (Go see it at the Planetarium at the
Natural History Museum.
- His efforts in getting the grant for our new NSF-funded
research in collaboration with sf_X and IAIA. (Teaser demo
video: )

None of these would be what they are without the
indefatigable one. We're going to miss him here in the
Lab, but intend to continue supporting him and his work.

In a parting word: ARTS Lab will be less rich without you,
Eric Renz-Whitmore. Thank you.

bueno brother,
Your ARTS Lab Amigos

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