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[MISP] MISP List update

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Hi everyone...

And welcome to July!

It's been a fast moving year -- and I'm sure that will continue. So before the election year really heats up, etc. it seems like a good time for our occasional list update.

Spam is the repeated promotion of one's own product/service, but this list really discourages self-promotion of any kind, so I don't think that's been a problem.  Thanks to everyone on the list for your help and participation.
We haven't really seen much in the way of viral emails either, mostly due to people keeping their accounts clean.  That's great. However, we'll continue to see new threats as all our communications channels continue to change and there's more connection between social media, mobile media and traditional email systems.
Only slightly related, but also a concern, are the various forms of data we're making available on-line, who has access to that data in what form, and the terms of service that allow this.
A good part of the solution, however, is more related, and that's to check regularly on the terms and privacy/security functions of the services you most use and change them as appropriate. When there are big changes to complex systems (take Facebook for instance), I'd advise reading their communications and the inevitable overview from a source you trust (I typically use 
What are the right levels of privacy for you in your on-line world?
Only you can answer this. But looking at friends and colleagues who might be more knowledgeable, seeing what they do and asking their advice can be helpful.
How often should you do this, change your passwords, etc? 
Your company or organization may have different rules,  but every 90 days or quarterly seems like a reasonable compromise.  And while you're changing your passwords (Microsoft has a nice page on what today's 'strong' passwords look like and how to create them at:, it's not a bad time to look at your privacy settings as well.  It's also not a bad time to look at the various applications and add-ons you may have (for say, Firefox and Facebook). Many of those either have ongoing access to the data you share or take time/energy/processing to use -- so if you're not using them, you might just get rid of them.
Why is this helpful/important?
In an interconnected world like ours, taking care of your own systems to prevent viruses and other hassles from spreading is just part of being a good community member. Sure bad stuff happens, but it's better for all of us if we each do a little to avoid that.
And... not to be paranoid, but cyber-security and threats are an increasingly big deal, especially as using the cloud, wifi and other connections become an essential part of the work we do.

That was a long bit above, so a few reminders about list etiquette.

The primary purpose for this list is discussion (we have another list for events, news and announcements at - email us at to join).  As part of that, we ask that responses include some additional info or thoughts. If your only purpose in responding is to tell someone "Nice Post!" or "Thanks!" it's great to send that to the person who sent the earlier email -- but 500+ more of us don't really need that.

This list doesn't do sales and direct promotion of products and events. It just doesn't. We agree that more people should know about the great new thing you're involved with, but please send that to the events, news and announcements list at  Some people have said that they want to get their info to 'everyone' and/or that they're not on that other list. The other list includes about 75% of the folks on here who've decided that they want that kind of information.  But if you, yourself don't want that info... why would you think others would want yours?
The general intent of this list is to promote discussion and growth of New Mexico's 'media industries' in line with the state's Media Industries strategy outlined at However, despite that general advocacy role, the list can't support content that's partisan in nature, promoting either a candidate or party. Nor does it support discussion on political issues not DIRECTLY RELATED to our media industries.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, there's a great diversity of opinion in this state and on this list, and that's healthy thing we have to respect - we need all of us working together to take on the challenges we face.  Second, many of us work at institutions that prohibit or frown on email of a political nature - just something else we have to respect.

That's all for now, but thanks again to everyone who's working hard and continuing to make New Mexico a leader in film and media. Enjoy the weekend -- and the rest of the summer!



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