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[MISP] NMFO Announces "NM Filmmakers Summer Showcase" with Encantada TV and Las Cruces Channel 98

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From the NM Film Office:


For Immediate Release                                                       Contact: Trish Lopez, NM Film Office

June 2, 2009                                                                                                              505.476.5611



New Mexico Film Office Announces "NM Filmmakers Summer Showcase" with Encantada TV and Las Cruces Channel 98

SANTA FE—Lisa Strout, Director of the New Mexico Film Office and Trish Lopez, New Mexico Filmmakers Program Director, today announced a collaboration with Quote Unquote, Inc. (Encantada TV) and Las Cruces Channel 98 to televise  the winning films from this year's 2010 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase.  The screenings, entitled the "2010 NM Filmmakers Summer Showcase" will include not only the winning films from the 2010 Showcase, but the 2009 Showcase and New Visions/New Mexico Contract Award winners as well.

The larger Showcase, which took place in May at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, was initiated by Governor Bill Richardson as a way to give local writers and directors the opportunity to submit any original film and have it screened for the public at no cost. 

 "We're very excited to be partnering with Encantada and Las Cruces to bring the work of these talented filmmakers to a wider audience around New Mexico," said Trish Lopez. 

Encantada Program Coordinator Mike Trujillo agreed, stating, "What we offer at Encantada TV is a great opportunity for the local/aspiring filmmaker to get his or her work seen and exposed to New Mexico viewers who appreciate great local efforts"

The NM Filmmakers Summer Showcase will be broadcast on Las Cruces Channel 98 beginning this Saturday, June 5th at 12 midnight, and on Channel 27 and Encantada TV Channel 26 beginning this Sunday, June 11th at 8:00pm.  The film line-up will be announced each week on, Encantada's website, and Las Cruces Channel 98's website  The films will follow this schedule each week at the same time through the last weekend of August, 2010.

For the fourth year, the NM Film Office will also be hold special screenings of the winning films in locations around the state as part of a showcase tour in July.  Details about those screenings will be announced next month.


The NM Filmmakers Showcase takes place in May of each year and is announced through the New Mexico Film Office website: www.nmfilm.comFor more information on the Showcase and all other NM Filmmakers Program events, please contact Trish Lopez at


ABOUT QUOTE UNQUOTE, INC.:  Quote…Unquote, Inc is the non-profit operator of both Public Access Ch. 27 and Encantada TV Ch. 26.  Public Access Channel 27 has been operating for 29 years and is specifically a community access cable channel.  Encantada TV Channel 26 has been in operation for less than one year but is already a key programming tool in showcasing the arts, culture and community events of New Mexico.  Encantada TV works to create opportunities for New Mexico filmmakers by helping to develop and expand the film industry here in New Mexico. One of Encantada TV's missions is to showcase independent & local filmmakers who wish to broadcast their material in addition to film festivals and even online video hosting sites. The key distinction between Channel 26 & Channel 27 is that programming on Encantada TV (Channel 26) is selected based on superior production value (QUQ staff has direct jurisdiction over what is broadcasted, which is not the case on channel 27).  The main criteria QUQ staff looks for are adequate audio levels, above "amateur" video production quality, no gratuitous obscenity or pornography, etc. Some examples of programming on Encantada TV are local state-wide high school sports & activities (ProView Sports Network), semi-professional sports franchises like the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, as well as feature length films such as "Descanos" by local filmmaker Chris Roybal, "American Meth" by Justin Hunt, and several local short films & documentaries acquired through various outreach efforts.  Currently, Encantada TV can only be viewed in the Albuquerque area with the potential to reach up to 200,000 Comcast cable subscribers.  For more information please contact Mike Trujillo at 505.319.7866.


ABOUT LAS CRUCES CHANNEL 98:  The Las Cruces Channel 98 began broadcasting on April 12, 2009, with the goal of bringing Southern NM residents more of their own community.  The Las Cruces Channel airs on Comcast Cable channel 98, which is accessible to all cable subscribers. The station was set up by Winning Choice Media Group, an entertainment, video and film company which has been involved in producing community media and arts projects since 1989.   Chris Soular is the Founder and CEO of the Las Cruces Channel. "With the assistance of media producers Ray Soular and Tony Martin, we will give viewers the option to not only watch, but to also participate in their locally produced entertainment and information program," said Mr. Soular.  The Las Cruces Channel 98 hopes that the local community will benefit enormously by gaining direct access to news and information that affects their lives.




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