Thursday, June 10, 2010

[MISP] NM Web Development Success

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Hey folks...

It doesn't necessarily feel like 'media industries' but I really believe that a key piece of making the next generation of digital media succeed (here or anywhere) will be having a thriving web/mobile/interactive design and development community too. 

It may be surprising, but there's some real growth here -- highlighted by two funding stories in the last 24 hours:

JackRabbit Systems, a developer of a white-label online travel bookings software, has raised $1.33 million in funding from Kickstart Seed Fund and Sun Mountain Capital. This brings the company's total funding to $3.7 million
JackRabbit's main software, BookDirect, allows any website to embed a direct hotel booking system on their sites. Similar to Expedia, BookDirect gathers rates and availability information from lodging properties, and displays that information to consumers looking to book rooms. Consumers can then click from the search engine to the lodging property website to complete the booking.

And over at Read Write Web (RWW), a cool site with lots of content on real-time solutions, we have:

Collecta Scores More Funding for Real-Time Search

Streaming real-time search company Collecta announced today that it has secured additional funding, to the tune of $4.7 million, from Dace Ventures. Previous investors, including True, have already invested $1.85 million.
The company delivers streaming news, via widgets, APIs and its Site Search Platform, to partners. It intends to use the infusion to build out its team and establish more partnerships, according to Collecta CEO Gerry Campbell. Past partnerships have included CNET's coverage of the iPad launch and the MySpace's Today on MySpace feature.

(More at each of the article links)

What's the connection between this and the work being done in film and digital media?  I'm not sure. We all know media in its various forms is changing -- and the linkages between them are in play for teams with ideas and the skills to make them work.  I'd just encourage everyone to keep their eyes, ears and minds open to some of these new opportunities.

Best wishes -- and hope to see some of you at the NM Filmmakers Conference and Rio Grande SIGGRAPH events this weekend!


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