Thursday, June 17, 2010

[MISP] FoFVA Indie Film Networking event June 20 program

BRing a friend. This event is free, fun, and a great opportunity to connect.


You are invited to the best indie film networking event in June!

Friends of Film, Video and Arts is sponsoring a Synergistic Meet & Greet Sunday June 20,  2010   3pm-5:30pm

WHAT: 101 Ways to get involved in the Film Community in Albuquerque this summer.... 

WHEN: Sunday June 20, 2010

3pm: Meet and Greet Social Time

3:30pm: Screenings by members.

4pm: Program:  Do you want to a make a film this summer? How about volunteering with a film festival? Or make a funny short ? Friends of Film, Video and Arts is inviting 48Hour Film Project, Duke City ShootOut, Albuquerque Film Festival, SWGLFF, Fans of Film, Duke City DocFest and our own LOL FFFFF to make short presentations about how to get involved in intense summer filmmaking, volunteering with fun festival stuff, submitting, or just how to be a happy audience member. Then ask your questions, network, think about it, or sign up on the spot. See you at the movies!

5:30pm Wrap up

WHERE: The Harwood Art Center
1114 Seventh Street NWAlbuquerqueNM (follow the signage).
Come to the Basement Theater, north side entrance from Mountain at Seventh St. Look for signs, or call for help. Christina 306-3949.

HOW MUCH: This month no charge. Come on down. 

Please forward this notice to everyone you think should be there.


 FoFVA facebook
Friends of Film, Video and Arts is a non-profit organization (under Harwood Art Center) made up of independent filmmakers    
working together to make quality films, 
provide educational opportunities and experience, develop trade relationships, 
and support a healthy film industry in New Mexico.

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