Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[MISP] (Saturday) 2010 3-Minute Film Fest



Always high-quality, interesting stuff and a fun night at the beautiful Lensic in Santa Fe


2010 3-Minute Film Festival! The complete 2010 program is below. The 110 minute program will be screened one time only at Santa Fe's beautiful movie palace, the historic Lensic Theater, Saturday May 22, at 7pm.


You'll want to tell your friends and family to get their tickets early as the screening always sells out quickly. Last year we had to turn away a lot of friends and family at the door, even though tickets were still available only a week before, so let them know as soon as possible. Tickets are only $12 for adults and $10 for children under 12. You can buy tickets online by following this link, http://www.nmculturenet.org/calendar/org_viewevent.php?eventId=35324&printer=yes&orgId=8&style=ticketssfLensic




3MFF 2010 Complete Program

Quiero Estar El Resto de Mi Vida Con Tigo
Eduardo M. Escribano

Memoirs of a Scanner
Damon Stea

La Pinata
Manuel Arija

The Sorrowful Story of Michael McShane
Thomas Kinsman

This Can Be the Day
Victor Nieto

The Purpose of Life
Dimitri Kadiev & Mark Mihelsic

Igor Choromanski

Dara Elerath

The Hitman
Juli King, Joe Ray Sandoval & Rich Romero

Meow Wolf

Fry Bread
Logan Sapcut, Ryan Taylor & Eric Howie

Daedalus & Icarus
Veronica Black, William Grassie & Stacy Romero

Big Bang Briefly
Keith Olwell & Elizabeth Kiebner

A Triangle of Trains
Jim Thompson

Jackalope Droppings
Jim Terr

Jessica Gwen Ma

Picking Up Feets
Debrianna Mansini

Ghost in Room 310
Denise Trochei & Michael Snouffer

Veronica Rose The Flying Unicorn
Joe West

21 Days in Santa Fe
Carolyn Swiszcz

Don't Spend Your Life in Morrisville
Dave Pursell & Alona Davis

Dave Pursell & Alona Davis

Imagine This
Shannendoah Gallegher, Natasha Woodards & Levon Washee

Another Day in Paradise
Joanna Cappuccilli Lovetti & Stacey Yates

Scott Renk

Demiurge Emesis
Aurelio Voltaire

Yvonne Grzenkowicz

Daniele Di Veroli

The Dentist
Allison Lane

Les Nanas
Danielle Morgan

Desert of the Real
Tal Shamir

A Cigarette For Two
Simon Baumann

Ken Forestal

How to Make a Baby
Cassidy Curtis & Raquel Coelho

A Short Film
Rick Williamson

Matt Page

Rupert & Vivian
Logan Migliore & Alexander Payne

Speed of Life
Shamus Alley

Marblesmith Paper
McCandless & Schmidt