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Some folks have mentioned that, yes, this doesn't include the site address:

This will be held at UNM Continuing Education the night before their Digital Arts Conference (more info at:
UNM Continuing Education is convenient to both I-25 and I-40. Its central location is just a few minutes from Midtown, Downtown, or the University area.
Address: 1634 University Blvd NE, just north of Indian School.

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Friends of Film, Video and Arts

in collaboration with

UNM Continuing Education Digital Arts Conference






Contact: Ty Beh


Phone: 505-620-1889



Friends of Film, Video and Arts presents the

Professional Filmmakers Showcase

Friday, March 6, 2009

6:00 p.m.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 3, 2009 – The UNM Continuing Education Spring Digital Arts Conference in collaboration with Friends of Film will offer a presentation of short films by professional New Mexico filmmakers as their kick off event.  Additionally, Friends of Film will launch their filmmaker education series with "Director's Cut New Mexico – The Art of the Interview." 
"It is important for people from the community who aren't necessarily involved with the film industry to come out and meet those who are. . .The film business is a clean industry that can encompass the entire state, creating economic development even in small towns.  What we need is New Mexicans creating the projects from the top down.  Then all the money stays here.  We are all starting small but thinking big!"
- Stanley Ray, writer/director, winner of the 2006 Duke City Shootout.
Seven New Mexico filmmakers will share and discuss their work in this timely and provocative schedule of films.  The selected films for this showcase include:
Tim Boughn - Days of Grace
Genre: Drama
Even an alcoholic has his days of grace.

Marc Calderwood & Cindy Kemp - Water Torture
Genre: Thriller
In a dark Orwellian setting, a woman employs an unpleasant memory to help her hold on to her sanity, but finally finds a moment to release her show of defiance.

Tony Estrada - Edgar's Journey
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Edgar, a Native American actor, gets separated from his film crew and finds himself both literally and spiritually lost in the woods.  Produced by James Lujan of Southern California Indian Center & Marjorie Neset of VSA Arts of New Mexico, this humorous and thought provoking short was made during a crash-course film intensive.

Friends of Film, Video and Arts - Director's Cut New Mexico - Art of 
the Interview
Genre: Documentary
An in-depth discussion from noted New Mexico filmmakers about their process of interviewing key people for their documentaries.

Stanley Ray - Undying Love
Genre: Horror
A beautiful woman invites her estranged lover to a romantic dinner to give the relationship one last chance. A gothic romance.

Laureen Ricks - A Sh'mal World
Genre: Documentary
A quirky social worker struggles to help mentally-unstable, homeless drug-addicts recover their lives, while dealing with the fact that his oldest son is on-and-off again homeless and battling an alcohol addiction.

Anne Stirling - Ron's Gift
Genre: Documentary
Renowned artist Ron Pelley's painting career ended when arthritis made it impossible for him to hold a paintbrush. Technology has given him back his life.

Brad Stoddard - An American Hero, Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Genre: Documentary
A short film honoring an American legend, who sang his songs for the earth, freedom, and human rights. Excerpts from a rare and candid interview in 2006.
Come and join the experience.  Great films, great food, great people, great fun!

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