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Re: [MISP] How 'bout this?

I'd recommend that you not offer to send your script to the entire list. Instead, I'd recommend you contact someone here personally and see if you can send the script or a treatment. 
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I've been following the discussions on the "growing pains" of the film industry in our state and happened upon your solicitation of new scripts(killer scripts, as you put it). I'm a writer/actor, native New Mexican. I've written a number of scripts but am promoting one in particular that I wrote specifically to be filmed here. Janet Davidson likes my work and has helped me polish this story over the last year.  I've had positive reads and feedback and the material is under review at Stone Road Productions in Chicago. Of course, my preference is to work with local filmmakers, producers, directors and talent. I'm finding it almost easier to connect with everyone but the local filmmaking community.

My script is a road trip through New Mexico. It's about two women, generations apart, with nothing in common except circumstances that seem to be beyond their control until one of them has a crazy idea.

It's of the genre of "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Juno". It's quirky, funny, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I wrote this piece with Shirley MacLaine in mind as co-female lead and with the right production I feel it would play to a Sundance audience. That's my dream.  May I send you this script?

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Sandra Reiger

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