Friday, January 16, 2009

Re: [MISP] How 'bout this?

I must humbly disagree.
I believe that any such effort *must* be rooted in a market context, otherwise it is doomed to failure or worse, mediocrity. If there is no 'consumer' demand for your product, what value is it to the students? Their time, as is yours, is worth something.
I believe this is somewhat analagous to the economic development tendecies we have in New Mexico to wrap start-up enterprises in a protective cocoon of non-profit-provided services that compete with actual for-profit businesses.
I better model would be placing students into real-world projects, to learn real-world skills and consequences of both failure and success.
If I have misunderstood, please forgive me, but the term 'association' should be substituted with 'enterprise' or 'project'.

I'm not splitting academic hairs here in definition. I referred to a for-profit, publicly-consumed "product" only.
And I could not state it any stronger or more directly than no further government largesse. This would be a coalition of talented individuals, capable of generating a project and working on their own as professionals.
My focus is primarily not students but talented, experienced professionals who want to work in their chosen profession and would work cooperatively in their creation of an on-going (whatever word you're most comfortable with).

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