Saturday, January 17, 2009

Re: [MISP] How 'bout this?

Well I like this idea of an association or collaboratve or club or whatever you want to call it-where we talented professionals in the state, from Oro Grande to Angel Fire and all points in between, can utilize each others talents and technology to bring an idea to fruition. Case in point, my company, Turri Productions (WHO?) has spun off an independent film production company, Turri Pictures. We have scripts we have written in the pipeline and are also looking for those out there with killer scripts. We have some of the toys to get production done, but we can't do it by ourselves. So an association we could call upon for help would be great! 
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This is NOT what I'm proposing ...except for the cooperative aspect. I'd like to see experienced professionals with actual industry credits ally for the express purpose of commercial (that's for  profit but not 'non-artistic' or socially unworthy) product creation and gainful employment. Side benefits would include education and training, advertising and promotion of the the state and its resources, and a permanent and prominent place in world media.
stated in the most directed manner: if you think small, don't do it at all.

Actors are contemplating going on strike ...and most of them aren't working. This indicates a sense of self worth. Unions were formed to amass and demonstrate power. Any successful performer creates his or her own company to foment work and direct destiny. All of these have the underlying belief, "I have value." Folks, New Mexico IS reinventing itself and creating a new image to bury the humbly going to the patron, sombrero in hand, for the favor of being exploited. We cannot rely on government, its unpredictable and mercurial whims nor should we stake a future on economic advantage packages that can and are copied by other states and countries or, as is being demonstrated, can be terminated with almost no notice at any time.
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